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eCommerce marketing becomes vital part for the online shopping stores in India. Without implementation of any online marketing techniques your eCommerce store is on no use. You can’t even reach to the potential customers who are really interested in buying your products. Without implementing eCommerce marketing techniques you can never make your shopping store a brand. eCommerce marketing is the rich and result oriented solution for those who want to be on the top in their respective domains.

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eCommerce marketing – Way to Convert more shoppers to customers

What Exactly is eCommerce Marketing?

eCommerce marketing is the way which almost every online shopping store uses to guide the visitors to their eCommerce store so that they can buy their products. eCommerce marketing relies on four factors which are as mentioned below

  1. Paid Advertisement on Google or other search engines. Some people also known by name PPC (pay per click). It is the best way for those who want to sell their products instantly and also want to improve their traffic at rapid rate. PPC is the paid advertisement services provided by several search engines in which you have to pay for the clicks if someone clicked on your ads.
  2. The second and most economic eCommerce marketing technique is search engine optimization, You may be also aware this term as SEO. It is the organic approach which several eCommerce marketing companies or eCommerce businesses use so that they don’t have to pay for clicks. It is the eCommerce marketing technique which increase the trust factor on visitors. In this your store is optimized by the eCommerce SEO marketing companies according to the algorithms assigned by the search engines so that you can get your store ranked on top of search engine result pages.
  3. Third eCommerce marketing technique is known as referral marketing. It is one of the best way to increase the user engagement from social media, top referral portals by using display advertisements and implementing remarketing techniques.
  4. The fourth eCommerce marketing technique which is used to increase the engagement of returning visitors is email marketing. In this newsletter is send to them related to latest offers so that they can become your loyal customers.

What Makes eCommerce Stores to Implement Online Marketing Techniques?

In India the growth of eCommerce stores is increasing day by day and more percentage of user loves to shop online. For an eCommerce marketplace store you doesn’t have any opportunity to drive customers physically. So it becomes more necessary for the eCommerce stores to implement the online marketing techniques which is not only helpful in selling the products, but also helps in increasing brand visibility.

What Kind of Customers You Can Attract Through eCommerce Marketing?

Now after taking decisions to implement eCommerce marketing for your online shopping store. Next challenge faced by the most eCommerce marketers that what age groups of visitors to attract? Well you need not to worry. It varies from business to business. For example if you are running a eCommerce store related to health in which you focusing on promoting sports supplements then it is obvious that you’ll target youngsters from age group 18- 30. So it totally depends upon the niche of your eCommerce store that what kind of visitors you have to attract and convert them into customers.

How we Plan and Develop eCommerce Marketing?

Most of the business owners asks us this thing. If they enroll in our eCommerce marketing services then how can we plan and develop strategy. Well this is not so hard for you to understand our eCommerce marketing strategy. We just make our strategy plain and simple which yield best results. The main process which we use to strategies our eCommerce marketing are as mentioned below

  • Business Analysis: To start our eCommerce marketing strategy we firstly make full business analysis so that there’ll be no loop hole left which cause serious problems in future by hurting sales.
  • Business Research: After that research is done by our experts by keeping in mind that what your competitors are doing and what are their loopholes.
  • Department Wise Analysis: As we all know that in eCommerce every department has it own role. So that work process gets fast. In this our strategic team and eCommerce consultant make one to one meetings with the department heads to know the problems which they are facing. But for eCommerce startup we have special team who can guide the team properly i.e how to do multitask and what things you have to kept in mind.
  • Strategy Building: The final stage of our eCommerce marketing process is strategy building and implementation. After complete analysis our eCommerce marketing strategists build a unique strategy by keeping in mind your competitors so that you can get more good response from them.


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